Rectify – art-house from tv series world

Rectify Daniel Holden by Aden Young

The first post will be dedicated to the best new tv-show of this year. It’s only august right now, but i don’t think that someone can beat Rectify in this Year. The Americans was awesome, Ray Donovan provides stable and tense content, the Fall showed us the best-looking maniac in the world, but it all can’t compete with Daniel story.

This show isn’t about unexpected story turns or other usual “entertainment” things. It’s all about drama. I mean, 100% distilled drama. Sometimes i was even thinking about, what existed before, drama or this show? 🙂

As you can see, i love drama. I can’t really explain why i am loving this genre so much, probably because my english skills not enough for describing such a complicated topic. But almost 90% of my favorites TV-shows/movies filled with lot of drama stuff. This can’t get old, became off-trand or something else, because it’s about human beings and their relationships. And this show can tell you much about this in unique ways.

Aden Young played Daniel insanely good, i just hope this role didn’t damaged his mental health, because he was looked so real, as if it is really happened to him. I’m still remembering 5 episode, when he didn’t know what was real or not.

Special mention worthy Abigail Spencer. First – she insanely beautiful. I know that we are talking about drama here, but it’s a crime not to mention that she looks absolutely stunning. Second – she an awesome actress. I’m rarely say this, because good actresses which not only looking great, but performing on top level, are like a diamonds.

Just look at her

Rectify Amantha by Abigail Spencer

If you looking for something special, interesting and tense – this show is for you. This show perhaps the best way to experience the world of serious TV series.


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