Top of the Lake – one of the most beautiful TV series ever

Top of the Lake TV series from Sundance Channel

Here comes another one awesome mini-series from Sundance Channel. The first thing what i must say is about how this show is gorgeous. Sometimes this views looks absolutely stunning(that’s the reason why they named nearby territory “paradise”, because this place really deserves it). But this show is not only about the nature, awesome views and peacefulness. It’s actually an oldschool tense detective(hello Twin Peaks). The main plot about detective woman Robin Griffin(played by Elisabeth Moss) which arrives in her birth-place to visit her mother. And in the same time something strange happening to the 12-year old girl named Tui. I do not want copy-paste detail information from Wikipedia about interesting shows, because some people really do not like to know anything specific about series before they start to watching this. So i’m always trying to describe things avoiding specific info and any spoilers, to protect your watching experience. So, main reasons why you should watch this tv series:

  • This show is beautiful.  This especially crucial if you living in small boring town and you don’t have time to visit a mother nature.
  • It’s a great detective. Not the best of the best, but it provides tense and interesting story in non-standard environment with lots of strange people.
  • Great cast. May be you don’t know anyone in this show, or know at least Elisabeth Moss, but characters in this show are well-written and well-played.
  • All this things combined provides a really original and interesting experience, which you will not forget right after end of watching.

Top of the Lake TV series Paradise photo


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