The Americans – FX delivers as always

The Americans FX channel TV series with Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell

Drama series from FX. About spies. About russian spies in America during the Cold War. With serious drama and awesome characters. And you still haven’t watched this? Ok, few more things below why you must watch this, from a russian guy, who can properly estimate “Russian” theme:

  1. This show is really well written and played. Like the most shows on FX of course. And this is why i’m loving this channel so much. Stable, quality, tense drama&action!
  2. Fresh theme. I don’t mean that Cold War is fresh topic, but serious spy TV show it’s like a diamond. Good script, interesting&smart action and balance between “Yeah, may be some of this really happend” and “Don’t forget that you watching TV show, it wasn’t real”.
  3. Family drama in unordinary circumstances. They can’t just broke up and forget about each other. They are companions, which working almost 20 years on enemy land. They have 2 children, very dangerous neighbour and serious personal problems. And they have to risk their lives and family every day at work.
  4. Their russian is really good! 😀 It’s probably best russian language performance by non-russian actors in TV series or movies. It was really nice to watch their “home” scenes without laughing and facepalming(i’m remember Nikita and “BRATVA” thing)

And btw, Keri Russel is awesome ❤

The Americans TV series Keri Russell


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