The Fall – crime drama series with Gillian Anderson

The Fall BBC Gillian Anderson

-I have a new case for you. But there’s no aliens.
-Oh, finally it happend! I’m ready, what’s it about?
-It’s about…

a maniac! In Belfast. And this maniac is special. He is doing really sick stuff, but you sympathize him in some ways(or not, may be i’m crazy too?). And this is not Dexter-like maniac type, who is killing bad guys. Not in this case. But you still care about his safety. This is really strange, because at another angle he is just some sick guy who deserves a real punishment for his sins. And this is the most crucial part of this TV show, because it makes you feel strange, when “bad” guy doing “bad” things, and you really interested in his success, like he’s a some sort of hero(i’m probably really crazy :D).

Few words about cast. Gillian Anderson(Stella Gibson) in her 45 looks amazing. As a woman and as an actress. She plays a strong woman who takes whatever she wants whenever she wants. But don’t matter how good is Gillian, this show is about a maniac. And he is freaking awesome. Jamie Dornan(Paul Spector) delivers the most good-looking maniac ever.

The Fall BBC TV series Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector

But he’s good not only because of appearence, but because of his character details. At day he is a family man, at night he is stalker. Sounds like some comix villain, but it’s not that simple. He is having some serious personal issues(of course he has, it’s a maniac!) and this show makes the great mystery about him. Why he doing this, why he doing EXACTLY this and what’s really matters to him?

If you looking for some interesting tense drama/detective, this TV series is for you. Can’t wait for season 2, cat-mouse game is about to begin.


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