Homeland Tin Man Is Down short review

Homeland Tin Man Is Down season 3 episode 1 restaurant scene

Homeland returns from a break. Spoiler-free short review is below.

With an awesome episode! So much happened in these 53 minutes. Game has totally changed. No more endless “Watch him, he is a traitor, believe me!”. Saul now is a boss, Carrie under heavy preasure from every side and CIA makes a moves!

Only Dana spoils the whole picture. As always. I really don’t understand why they give so much screen time to her. And what i’m afraid the most, that now she’s a “bad” girl. It means that she was a good before. Holy shit, they mean she can be more annoying then before? I hope they changed something about her character and she will not be so retarded as before.

Final words: this is a very strong episode with lots of “smart” action, new things and mysteries about the future of Carrie-Brody-Saul relationships.

And a few words about good&bad things in episode:

+ Restaurant scene!

+ Saul is the BOSS. And he looks really serious and tough.

+ Quinn in the action!

+ Congress wants the blood (reminds me about 24 7 season)

– Too much Dana.

– And now she is a “bad girl”


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