Luther Season 3 Overview

Luther Season 3 poster

One of the best detectives is back. And maybe we will never see him again.

And may be this is not so bad. I mean, I really love this show, but they finished this season so well that after this ending, they have to show something very special to continue this serial.

But first, let’s talk about main things in this season:

  • Very strange internal investigation. Weird reasons, weird “copper” and weird methods. Probably it’s the main weakness of this season.
  • Mary!(Sienna Guillory) Such a beutiful woman. And very important role of this season. Characters as it needs to better develop Luther. And she doing it well.
  • Ripley (Warren Brown). Justin, Justin… You know what i’m talking about.
  • Vigilante. Elliot Cowan (Tom Marwood) delivers a very good villain-of-the-season.
  • … ALICE! (Ruth Wilson) Of course there is Alice. It’s the second biggest reason why this TV series is so awesome.

So, about the ending. It’s possibly can’t end better. I’m sure it’s impossible! It is a good old-fashioned method when you watching something dark and serious and all what you doing is just think about “how bad this will end”. And BOOM, the happiest ending ever! It’s fucking perfect.

Final words: before ending i was thinking about flaws in this season.  There were too many small (or not) weaknesses. But after this perfect ending i really don’t care about it at all. Farewell Luther, you was a brilliant TV series!

Luther Season 3 Alice Morgan by Ruth Wilson



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