What Remains TV Series Premiere Review

What Remains BBC One TV Series Poster

A good old-fashioned british drama detective from BBC One. Excited? Spoiler-free short review is ahead.

At some day one lady checked her loft and no one ever saw her again. All thought that she just left her place(on feet) and no one ever cares about her. Almost 3 years later she was found decomposed(it’s not a spoiler, it’s in the synopsis and the story is based on real events). From this point old and almost retired detective starts his investigation. No one in police gives a f*ck, forensics have nothing because body was decomposed for a long time and neighbours are not very helpful at all. Oh, this neighbours… I really love the way how BBC builds their dark and very realistic drama TV shows. They making the most of main characters very f*cking disgusting! I can’t describe them in any other way, but this isn’t a weakness at all, it’s unique part of british drama which works totally perfect! Almost every person have something very unpleasant in their character. And because of that you can’t just pick your favorites and cares only about them, you suspect everyone, you hate everyone! And it’s a brilliant way to build good drama experience.

Good and bad of this episode:

+ Strong characters.

+ OldSchool detective in small scales where matters only performances by characters.

+ Detective Len Harper (David Threlfall) looks good and solid.

– Cliche “old retired cop wants to finish his last case”

Final words: What Remains looks like a good choice for people who loves tense detective drama where all focused on strong characters.

And a ray of light in the world of darkness ❤

What Remains BBC One TV series Amber Rose Revah


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