Hunted – underrated TV series from BBC

Hunted TV series from BBC One with Melissa George

This british spy action TV show deserves more attention than it got.

This mini-series tells you a story about a spy whose name is Samantha (Melissa George). She works on private intellegence agency named “Byzantium”. So forget about world-saving missions in 007 style. It’s more about local and detailed spy business with very limited resources. I don’t want to speak about main plot and other spoiler-stuff. All you need to know is that this show always entertains their viewers in different ways. Various characters, mysteries from the past and “someone is a mole” game. In one moment you think “so, and that’s all?” and right after that all turns upside down.

Short-list of good and bad:

+ Melissa George! She’s a very beautiful woman.

+ Good and smart action.

+ Interesting main plot.

+ Mysteries! Secrets!

– All these movements in house sometimes looks very silly.

Final words: if you looking for a good action TV series with espionage theme this show is definitely for you. Just remember that is action, not a drama.

And by the way, there will be spin-off about Sam Hunter in the future. Be ready!

Hunted BBC One TV series with Melissa George



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