The Shadow Line – Best Detective TV Series Ever

The Shadow Line TV Series from BBC Two

One more post about british detective. This time about the best.

A true masterpiece, no less. 7 episodes. 7 hours of pure awesomeness. Perfect quality of all elements. And i’m not overreacting. It’s the type of TV show where all focused on process, characters and their actions. You will not find here some sort of twisted plot or “Killer – gardener” moves. Camera work, ideal script and awesome cast of non-famous guys. I can’t properly describe in one short post why this TV series is so terrific. It’s the case when you just watching show and all things are totally perfect, so you can’t even say anything about this besides comments like above(awkward feeling).

I’ll try to summarize all great things about this TV show below:

  • Perfect script. awesome characters and tense detective/action.
  • Best quality of all parts of the show.
  • Gatehouse.
  • Gatehouse’s gloves.
  • Best opening ever.



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