Sons of Anarchy Straw short review

Sons of Anarchy Straw TV Series from FX Lee Toric by Donal Logue

SoA is back! With a very tough episode. Spoiler-free short review is below.

There is no time for default season “slow-start”. Before opening you’ll be shocked probably two times. Holy shit, this season just started and so much epic stuff already happened! And all of this with strong violence. Just like we all love :3 But now i want to talk more about retired U.S. Marshall Lee Torik played by Donal Logue(on picture above). You know him from last season, where Otto killed his nurse sister to prevent RICO case. And after this things went full retard… Now he want a revenge. He is using his connections and every single effort to take down SAMCRO. And the best part of this conflict is that he has all rights to avenge his sister’s death! He is certainly overdoing in every way of righteous retribution, but we are talking about SoA world, where “good” guys is an exception. So on one side we cares about main characters of this show (of course we cares, it’s 6 season already!), but on the other side we have awesome bad-ass righteous  crazy “paladin”.

Good(mostly) and bad in this episode:

+ Marshall is completly bad-ass and insane

+ New good characters played by awesome actors (Hello Robocop!)

+ So much great storylines

+ “Piss” scene…

– School scene. Completly out of logic. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong audience. It’s certainly affected by political stuff and i hate it.

Final words: this episode is absolutely terrific! Probably best season start of SoA show ever.

Sons of Anarchy TV Series FX Channel Peter Weller



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