Graceland Season 1 Overview

Graceland TV Series Poster USA Network

First season (and not the last!) recently ended. Short overview is below.

This TV Series tells a story about undercover cop who’s working with other undercover cops in undercover house. Sounds funny, huh? And it is. This show starts like a standart another-one cop tv series, but in the end of the first episode it’s delivers a good intrigue. And it gives this show a chance. After which all things becomes better and better. All procedural smell disappears after first 3-4 episodes and this show starting to deliver an awesome plot twists. This TV series is a good example of an oldschool type of show where no one cares about brilliant scenario and logic, and all focused on soft entertainment and crazy plot. It’s called a “guilty pleasure”, i guess, when you definitely don’t care about logic and sense, because you get an excellent entertainment.

Graceland TV Series USA Network

The strongest part of this show is the characters. Especially these two. Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) and Paul Briggs (Daniel Sanjata) are the good examples of “poster boys” which as good (as a characters) as they looks. Their types are pretty standard (as the most parts of the show) and surprisingly it’s not bad, actually it’s the best part of the show. After insane amounts of strong-written shows you starting to miss some naive cliche things. This TV series helps you relax after HBO/FX/Showtime monsters, where you must be always strained.

Main things about the show:

  1. Guilty pleasure!
  2. Great characters. No matter what they doing, it’s just nice to watch them.
  3. Relaxing entertainment.
  4. Awesome plot twists.
  5. Undercover undercover undercover undercover…
  6. California beach lifestyle.

Final words: good and “light” show for those who loves to watch something soft sometimes.

Season 2 coming next year summer.


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