What Remains TV Series Overview

What Remains TV Series BBC One

Another one great british drama series. Again? Someone stop this british bastards, they steal too much of my time! But it’s worth it…

Check series premiere review first, to understand what this is about.

This show mainly focused on small-social group of people called “neighbours”. Subjects of this group are average people. Average disgusting shitheads! When you think that they can’t be more filthy, you wrong. They can! If for some reason you have depression or low self-esteem, this show is for you. After 4 hours with this lovely characters you’ll feel very well, i promise! Just compare your current state of life with their and you will get better.

Ok, stop talking about psycho-stuff, let’s discuss this TV series as bigger picture. Detective part is great. It’s old-fashioned cold-blooded investigation with many of little details. Every detail in some way related to Melissa (victim) and tells us something new about her. And here comes a drama part. “Invisible” woman becomes more real and she shines brighter with each episode around this scum. It’s really sad to watch how she lives with this pricks. And this music theme in flashbacks, it’s absolutely terrific!

Final words: it’s hard to say more about this show. It is a really good choice for people who love british drama/detectives. And it’s certainly must-watch for audience of good mini-series.

What Remains TV Series BBC One


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