Peaky Blinders TV Series Premiere Review

Peaky Blinders TV Series Poster BBC Two

“God and Aunt Polly are listening”

Meet the british version of Boardwalk Empire by BBC Two. Instead of Atlantic City we have Birmingham and Steve Buscemi replaced by Cillian Murphy. Of course stories are very different in many ways. It’s not about an alcohol business and mob relations across the country. This show focused on local gang called “Peaky Blinders” (which actually existed) and their newest problems with “wrong” robbery. All was well, just before some gang-members took the wrong container. And after that in city arrived Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (Sam Neill) and he brought real problems in their Heaven. This sounds exactly like Nelson Van Alden in first season of Boardwalk Empire, but originally this type went from The Untouchables movie, and Sam Neill not only copies Kevin Costner’s character, but he also looks like his twin sometimes.

Best of the series premiere:

  • Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill on opposite sides.
  • Great and very british visual style.
  • Awesome music.
  • Canonical and well-written crime story.
  • Magic horse!

Final words: if you love this genre – you must watch this. If you love british TV Shows – you must watch this. If you love Cillian Murphy – why you still didn’t watched this? Anyway, just watch this.

Peaky Blinders TV Series BBC Two



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