Masters of Sex TV Series Premiere Short Review

Masters of Sex TV Show Poster

Drama series where main subject is sex. On Showtime. It can’t possibly be bad.

Basic info

This TV Series based on Thomas Maier’s biography and tells us a story about pioneers in research of human sexuality. Main roles played by Michael Sheen (Dr. William Masters) and Lizzy Caplan (Virginia Johnson). So if you thinking that this show is about pornography or something alike – you wrong. And here perhaps less sex scenes than in Californication. So don’t let this show title confuse you, it’s a very solid drama in a nice setting.

Masters of Sex TV Series on Showtime Channel

He’s not watching you, he’s watching science

Lizzy Caplan grown up so fast! I remember her as teenage girl from Mean Girls movie, and now she looks like a fantastic woman! It’s a certainly big win for this show. But this show can provide you more than just a good-looking girl. Masters of Sex is full of drama and funny life situations. This is a very canonical way to tell a good story, and it’s works! After so many shows focused on twisted plots i became really hungry for a story like this. They not rushing plot, they put the characters on the first place and they certainly know how to provide good drama.

Best of the pilot:

  • Lizzy Caplan is absolutely stunning!
  • Solid cast.
  • Great setting of 1960s.
  • A look at a familiar topic from a completly different angle.

Final words: Showtime provides another one good drama series. This time on the field, where they feeling themselves like at home.

Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex TV Show on Showtime


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