Sonf of Anarchy Wolfsangel Review

Sons of Anarchy TV Series Season 6 Episode 4 Wolfsangel

Aye. Hands off.

Spoilers ahead

Wow, that was one of the strongest episodes of entire show so far! So much action, problems and epic moves, like it’s an end of season. And this is just the fourth episode. If entire season will be the same, it is gonna be devastating for audience, in a good way.

Firstly, Tig is alive. For most of the shows, when someone using near-death situation so much times in a row with only one character, it is becoming very annoying. But not in this case. After six seasons you can’t just say “Good bye” to Tig, because you fucking love him! This guy certainly not a saint, he is doing one mistake after another, but this is why you love him, because he’s alive! His death must be played more dramatically and audience need to be prepared emotionally. Not today Tig, not today.

Secondly – nazis is back! But for a short time (or may be not). Their role in this episode was really important. SAMCRO killed two birds with one stone. They got rid of dangerous KG-9’s (physically+politically, everyone now will blame nazis for school mess) and blow off steam after not the luckiest Unser’s morning and IRA problems.

Third – IRA. Galen is going crazy and this situation escalated very quickly. He probably has serious motives, because there is no way back. I hope they will not visit Belfast again, enough Irish guys for this year, Ray Donovan and The Fall ended not a long time ago.

The Fourth – prison epic shit! The trio of Clay, Otto and Toric was the best part of this episode, no doubt. I was really unprepared for Toric’s death! I thought this crazy marshall will be pain in the ass for the entire season. But now i’m completly lost about the future of this season, because i don’t think that Irish  conflict will be enough. Anyway, Kurt Sutter better knows what is best for his show, i believe in him.

Sons of Anarchy TV Series Season 6 Episode 4 Wolfsangel

Another great moments worth a note:

  • Darby is back!
  • “My name is Al Whiteman”. Perfect nazi recruiting disguise!
  • Hands-off. Literally.
  • Eli is a smart cop. Thank god they saved us from cliche with setup arrest.
  • Otto relieved from suffering.
  • Somebody give Donal Logue reward anywhere. He deserved it.
  • Robert Patrick! He need to cooperate with Darby for X-Files magic.

Only one flaw in this episode is Tara&Wendy game versus Gemma. Not interesting at all.


SoA season 6 premiere review


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