Banshee First Season – Rednecks, Violence and Ukrainian Mafia

Banshee TV Series Poster Cinemax
Criminally fun.

What’s going on here?

Skilled thief coming out from prison and right after that members of Ukrainian mob trying to kill him right in the middle of the town. He escapes from them with help of his accomplice Job (yeah, it’s his name and he is transgender asian computer hacker!) and comes in a little town named Banshee for his ex-girlfriend. And the funniest part of this plot, that all shit just getting started here! After shootout in the bar this man becomes a new Sheriff of Banshee. From zero to hero promotion in one day, he is the lucky one, hehe. And now he is Lucas Hood, good guy and gentle sheriff of beautiful town where live only fine people… BUT NOT IN THIS UNIVERSE.

Banshee TV Series Cinemax Channel

What’s inside?

Alan Ball (True Blood creator) + small town + rednecks + violence + sex + crazy shit = awesome mix. If you familiar with the works of Alan Ball then you will feel like home here. This TV show always balancing between crazy&funny content and drama stuff. Dipshit rednecks contrasts with very charismatic characters like Kai Proctor and Mr. Rabbit. And Lucas Hood always stand right in the middle of the shitstorm. Probably because he is the magnet for a troubles. And it’s very interesting to watch how he solves problems, while he stands between two worlds: law and crime.

Briefly about worthy a note:

  • Antony Starr (as Lucas Hood) is brutal and badass.
  • Kai Proctor and Burton knows how to do business in a little town (on the photo above).
  • You can’t hide here from your past.
  • Some rednecks madness.
  • Some good-looking girls and things related to this.
  • Job deserves a spin-off.

Verdict: if you are looking for an adult entertainment (not a porn) with interesting characters, good atmosphere and action, this show certainly will satisfy your needs.


Banshee TV Series Cinemax Trieste Kelly Dunn as Deputy Kelly

Please, arrest me!


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