Ray Donovan First Season – Modern Irish Sopranos

Ray Donovan TV Series Showtime

Problem solver with problems.

What’s your problem?

Showtime certainly rocks this year. First Ray Donovan offers his help with our problems, then some guys beginning to explore sex as а science. We’ll talk about irish boy band first.
So, it’s a TV Show where Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth) playing Raymond “Ray” Donovan, an irish family mafia guy who solves problems of rich people. You know, dead hookers from overdose, nasty paparazzi that threaten celebrities careers and other filthy stuff. Despite all this business he have problematic family (Sopranos, Sopranos, Sopranos…) with variety of issues. One brother have Parkinson’s disease, the second was molested as a child by a priest and the third is… black! But all this was completly managable in Ray’s life just before his dad was suddenly released from prison.
Mickey Donovan in Ray Donovan TV Series Showtime Channel

Trouble in Paradise.

When you read about “problem solving plot” you probably imagine a procedural show where Ray helps rich people in each episode and all this family stuff is just a background. No, it’s not. Ray was building his small empire almost half of his life, things were going fine, business was good and family issues were completely manageable. And BOOM, beloved daddy comes back for a family reunion. Everyone is happy, all dancing and singing like in indian movies, happy end. NO SHIT!

After his comeback all almost perfectly working things starts to fall apart. Ray can’t hold his anger, which reflects on his decisions and family communication, his brothers didn’t share Ray’s hatred for father, that enrages Raymond even more, and finally, even his wife and children becomes Mickey’s allies. And now he needs to solve his own problems, and there is no easy way to do that, believe me.

Shortly about the best:

  • Jon Voight giving a master class of acting.
  • You don’t want have any problems with Liev Schreiber.
  • Good complex family drama.
  • Amazing supporting roles.
  • Chemistry between the family members.

Verdict: Ray Donovan is a good example of a serious modern drama with complicated stuff inside. Diversity of strong characters, situations and tough decisions makes Ray Donovan one of the best TV Series premiere of the year.


Mickey Donovan in Ray Donovan TV Series Showtime Channel

A Mouth is a Mouth” – best grandpa’s advice to his grandson.


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