Bates Motel First Season – Modern Psycho Story

Bates Motel TV Series Poster A&E Channel

Something wrong with Norman.

Norman and Norma

After strange death of father, an young boy Norman moves with his mother Norma to the new home in a small normal  town, right in the middle of nowhere (someone probably sells creepy hotels with discount for people with serious mental disorders). Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore, guy who was seen in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory,  this roles must be related) starting to make new friends (mostly pretty girls), and here comes his mother with sick jealousy and these strange relations between NORMan and NORMa becomes  even more strange. It will be probably a twist, if Norman will NOT become a maniac after all this shit, what’s going around him. But this is not the reason why people starting to watch shows like dat, obviously all wanna see growing maniac, even if it’s modern prequel (!). So, Norman, kill them all!

Norman Bates Motel TV Series A&E Channel

Take your time

This show is difinitely not in a hurry with the development of Norman deviations. It is a pretty standart thriller combined with youth drama. Norman makes friends, gets into troubles and slowly “progressing” with his dark side. His family takes a crucial part of this show, because besides his mothers suddenly appears his older brother Dylan, and this guy certainly makes this show much better with his side-stories, which sometimes far more interesting than ordinary teen problems with peers. And his mother, yeah… Vera Farmiga is certainly working hard in this role, because her character is completely crazy and annoying. It’s more plus then minus, but sometimes she becoming completely retarded and unrealistic.

The good and the bad:

+ Good cast.

+ Dylan deserves his own mini-series.

+ It’s fun to watching how Norman’s deviations progressing.

+ Good drama sometimes.

– Some characters acting totally retarded.

– Too much strange things for one little town.

Verdict: Bates Motel is a good youth drama, which focused on a story of modern version of Psycho’s early life. Characters in this show is a main advantage and disadvantage in the same time (but mostly first), but i believe that in next season they will make this show definately better.


Emma Bates Motel TV Series A&E Channel


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