Peaky Blinders First Season – Bloody Awesomness

Peaky Blinders TV Series BBC Two Horse Poster

6 hours on crime heaven.

How these British guys manages to create these great and complex stories with variety of superb characters and pack it in 6 episodes? Year by year they show another world how real mini-series looks and in most cases their MINI-series beats up huge monsters from HBO/FX/SHOWTIME. This case is not an exception.

Peaky Blinders TV Series BBC Two Poster

Birmingham Empire

Early 1900s, gangs fighting for legitimate business and police is corrupted. And after mess with stolen stuff one superior chief-detective-overlord coming to town for some fucking bloody justice. Wait, you said Boardwalk Empire? Man, you’re wrong! It is Peaky Blinders and these TV Shows are not competitors. And you know what? This is one of the strongest parts of the show, because people on Britain TV knows how to make really unique and awesome TV Series.

Peaky Blinders TV Series BBC Two All Members Photo

What’s the plot?

All moving around the gang Peaky Blinders (which really existed) represented by Shelby’s Family and their closest friends. They are doing a “simple” criminal business, nothing special, just their way of living in this world. But then the head of the family Thomas Shelby (IT’S CILLIAN MURPHY GOD DAMN IT!) makes a decision to move in a legal bookmaking business by attracting the attention of big-player via race-fixing. And right in that time his guys stealing wrong crates with serious military guns, which brings a real attention from London and giving Carte Blanche to a Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (played by Sam Neill). Add to that problematic family and you’ll get simple mixture of crime-drama show. But the point is that this show was made on BBC and almost everything created on this channel have unique smell of awesomness, even if we are talking about some small-scaled crime show.

Shortly about the best:

  • Terrific cast.
  • Surprisingly cool music.
  • Unique and great visual appearance.
  • Grace!
  • Second season coming next year.

Verdict: Peaky Blinders is one of the best new TV Series of the year (certainly in TOP3). England of the early 1900s, Cillian Murphy vs. Sam Neill and amazing visuals&music. How can you ask for more?


Peaky Blinders TV Series BBC Two Season 1 Episode 6

If you’ll don’t watch this, they will come for ya!


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