Banshee Season 2 Premiere Review – Odette Annable in action

Banshee Season 2 Poster
Nola is finally starting to act.


Season 2 starts from arriving of special badass agent Jim Racine (played by Zeljko Ivanek) with official mission to clean a mess after events of the first season.  But his real mission is about Mr. Rabbit, which he tracks the last 15 years (information from prequel comic Banshee: Origins) and now he want to use Hood and Carrie as a bait to lure Mr. Rabbit (yep, he survived!). And because of that, almost all participants of season one finale massacre wins a “lottery ticket”, except Carrie.

Zeljko Ivanek as agent Jim Racine in Banshee TV Series Little Fish Episode Church Scene

He always smokes. Anywhere. Even in church. He’s just don’t give a fuck about anything, besides Mr. Rabbit’s case. This guy will bring a lot of troubles for Hood and Carrie, because they are a “Little fish”.

Robbery goes wrong

Wow! They just got out from shitstorm with feds and ukrainian mob, and almost on the next day they are robbing an armored truck that belongs to casino! This scene was pretty crazy and amazing, mostly because of this awesome moment.

Carrie Hopewell Armored Truck Heist Scene Banshee TV Series Cinemax Channel

But then it all goes wrong, when mysterious guard appears. Hood and friends barely getting out alive from this shootout (Sugar Bates to the rescue!) and when camera showing you the guard’s neck from behind, you realize it’s Nola (Oddete Annable)! I was waiting for her actions from the moment when she appeared in first season and i got nothing until now, but what i got, is completely met my expectations and even more! And that wasn’t the last appearance of Nola in this episode, because after all of this she came to the bar and simply fucked Hood. Holy shit, this guy is really lucky with women, they are just come to him and all what needed from him, it’s acceptance…

Odette Annable as Nola Longshadow in Banshee TV Series Little Fish Episode Bar Scene

A truly wild woman. And so GODDAMN HOT!

Best of the episode:

  • Armored truck heist.
  • Nola!
  • Nola in the bar and aftermath!
  • Church scene.

Conclusion: season two started with a really good episode and introduced us a new character Jim Racine, who certainly will make lives of Hood and company even harder. But the highlight of this episode was Nola and i’m really waiting for her next moves.


Banshee Season 1 Review

God, Country, Grave song (“And i would”) by Mutts


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