Justified Season 5 Premiere Review – Boyd Givens is back

Justified Season 5 Poster
JOYstified start of the season.

Rednecks, rednecks, rednecks!

So, one of the best TV Series is back. Alligators, Detroit slums and angry Boyd Crowder in one episode, that’s huge! But all starting from an old good buddy Dewey Crowe (i hope you remember dat “stolen”-kidney guy) and his trial about damage compensation.
– “So now, instead of twenty thousand dollars we gonna give you three hundred, do you accept that?”
– “No way, three hundred bucks for all what i suffered?”
– “Three hundred thousand dollars”
Justified Season 5 Episode 1 Dewey Trial Face

Awesome moment. This is an example why Justified will always be something unique and cool. Because of REDNECKS! No matter how dark and serious this show can be, this rednecks always helping you to understand, that you watching Justified (or True Blood, at least).

The Crowe Family

This show really loves family stuff. Crowders, Givens, Bennet, Tonin and now Crowe family. Blood is a sticky thing, no doubt. Daryl Crowe (played by Michael Rapaport, i remember him as Don Self from Prison Break) will certainly be a crucial part of this season. He’s a smart (i hope) and really brutal guy, so he looks like a true king of rednecks! But Crowe family represented not only by Daryl, there are more of them. And i wanna talk about beautiful part of this family, Wendy Crowe! (played by Alicia Witt)

Alicia Witt as Wendy Crowe Justified A Murder of Crowes Episode TV Series FX Channel

A white-trash girl in a suit, wow, that’s hot! Smart and strong woman will always be an awesome decoration for any good show. I’m already in waiting for Raylan’s next move with her…

Detroit Business-Trip

That was really harsh! This slums are really charming. For a brief time Eminem – Beautiful played in my head, but then Boyd&Duffy met a chainsaw guy and i was back again in this beloved show, full of surprises. And next surprise was FUCKING CRAZY! There was certainly something from Tarantino movies like Pulp Fiction, pure madness and thoughtless human actions. And now, Boyd is the center of all serous criminal activity, for now at least. And i’m really loving it, because Walton Goggins is a decent actor and he deserves to be a greatest bad guy of the show.

Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder in Justified TV Show on FX Channel Season 5 Episode 1

The Dark Side of the Boyd

You thought that Detroit mess was enough for Boyd in this episode? No way! This season will certainly be bloody as hell, for Crowder at least. His beloved woman in prison and he is gonna do whatever it takes to reunion with her. The best part about rednecks nature, that they don’t give a shit about civilized methods when there are things that must be done, no matter how.  And he’ll obliterate everyone, who want to humiliate him or Ava. Plain and simple. And BLOODY!

Best moments of the episode:

  • Dewey trial.
  • Detroit mess-up.
  • Fail Cuba Escape.
  • Final House Scene.

Verdict: “A Murder of Crowes” is an awesome episode and start of fifth season. Can’t wait to see how Boyd gonna build up relationships with Mexicans, while Crowe family will “reunion” in Harlan.



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