The Escape Artist – Law Above All

David Tennant in The Escape Artist TV Series on BBC One

David Tennant in twisted law thriller with british accent.

Prove me guilty

So, we have a pretty default plot about crime and justice stuff with court tricks and awesome lawyer’s speeches. What’s makes it different from many others shows, where bunch of smart and fast-talking people collects evidence and plays mind games with everyone?

  1. It’s british TV Series. It’s already a win if things like “BBC One”, “David Tennant” and “Original British Drama”  means something to you.
  2. This script is free from silly procedural stuff, which often accompanies many of legal based TV Shows and Films.
  3. Storytelling is fast and focused on main events only.
  4. This show strictly sticks to core idea about law up to the end.

Toby Kebbell as Liam Foyle in The Escape Artist TV Series Handshake Scene
Defending a guy in a court, when he is accused with serious crime? No problems, presumption of innocence and passion for job, it’s all what needed. Defending the same guy with similar charges under the very fucked up circumstances? This is the point where The Escape Artist really starts to shine, when you actualy realises that no one is feeding you with default bullshit about “good&bad” guys. Group of professionals just doing their job, relying only on the LAW.

Good and bad parts of the show:

+ British TV Series Quality
+ Career guide 2.0
+ All moves around the core idea about law
– Some flaws in family drama stuff

Conclusion: The Escape Artist is a great example of mini-series created by the book, where everything is focused on development of one main-theme about the work of justice system and its strict rules, which can seriosly flaws sometimes.


Sophie Okonedo as Maggie Gardner in The Escape Artist TV Series on BBC One


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